Design Trends for 2017 – Expert Insight

Written by: Jared S Source: The Greener Living Blog We asked talented local designers and architects: “In your opinion, what are the upcoming interior design trends for 2017, and which is your favorite?” And from design direction to the great outdoors, our experts provided exceptional insight into the beautiful year of interior design ahead.   [...]

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Decorating on the Coast by Sharon O’Brien

Whether you live in a cozy coastal cottage, bayside townhome or waterfront estate, shore living has a style all its own -- and some unique decorating challenges too. Dragging sand and dirt in the house can be an every-day occurrence and a real nuisance to clean up. Not to mention the occasional basement flood after [...]

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House Calls: A Beauty by the Bay

Source: Washington Post - September 19, 2013 Written by Margaret Ely After Kathy Guida moved to Arnold 10 years ago, she renovated her Colonial home to create an open floor plan. But she’s stuck on how to fully realize that open vision in the 27-by-29-foot space. She wants to replace her dining set with a [...]

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